Arugula has a potent tangy, peppery flavor to add spice to your dish. Perfect for burgers, salads, pesto, and much more.


One of the most nutritious microgreens, Broccoli is coveted for its antioxidant qualities and reduction of excess estrogen hormones. These microgreens have a slightly bitter taste and are best used to balance against sweetness in a sandwich, salad, or other dish.

Daikon Radish

Radish has a powerful spicy, peppery flavor that subsides quickly, similar to a radish bulb. Use anywhere you want to add a kick to your plate!


Highly desired for its bold purple color, Kohlrabi tastes similar to broccoli, but a little sweeter.


Dun peas with their lovely tendril shoot are a crunchy, fresh addition to smoothies, salads, and even stir fry.

Rambo Radish

Slightly less spicy than Daikon radish, Rambo radish adds a stunning purple color to your plate anywhere you desire a spicy flavor.

Red Cabbage

Red cabbage microgreens have a light purple color and taste similar to adult red cabbage, with its sharp flavor. Goes well in sandwiches, salads, and used as garnish.


A favorite microgreen to form the core of a tasty salad, Sunflower has a hearty, crunchy texture with a raw, sweet taste.


With its grassy and sweet taste, wheatgrass is a favorite for juicing and smoothies. When fed to cats, wheatgrass reduces the scent of their ammonia and satisfies their craving to chew on house plants. Available harvested, live, or in the form of ice cubes.