Pink Oyster

Our most popular cultivated mushroom, when sauteed the flavor resembles bacon or ham. Excellent with eggs, salad, pasta dishes, or creamy soups/sauces.


These beautiful mushrooms are also known as Cinnamon Caps. The stems are crunchy, like asparagus, while the caps are soft. The sweet, nutty flavor goes well with creamy sauces and gravy. The crunchy stems stand up well to stir-frying and usage in soups.


The Pioppino mushroom is similar in texture to the Chestnut with its crunchy stem and soft cap, but is earthy and nutty rather than sweet and nutty. Goes well in creamy or savory recipes, and is beloved in Italian dishes.

Golden Oyster

The Golden Oyster grows in clusters of fragile, beautiful mushrooms and has a delicate, almost fruity scent. When cooked, the flavor develops into a light, nutty taste which combines well with poultry, seafood, salad, and aromatic dishes.

Blue Oyster

The most well-known oyster mushroom, this hearty addition to nearly any dish calling for mushrooms has a savory flavor reminiscent of seafood.


A well-known classic in Eastern cuisine, this mushroom has a savory, smoky flavor which goes well in soups, meaty dishes, stir fry, and many other recipes.